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Rugged areas of soft, sedimentary rock found in the Dakotas.
What are the Badlands?
Strong, dry mountain winds that descend from the Rockies and effect the western portions of the Great Plains.
What is a Chinook?
States across the Dakotas, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, & Texas where wheat is a major cash crop.
What is the Wheat Belt?
Rows of trees planted in windy areas to block the wind & protect the soil.
What is a Shelterbelt?
Irrigation in which large sprinkler systems mounted on huge wheels that rotate slowly are used to water crops.
What is Center Pivot Irrigation?
Soil and rock are stripped away by large machines to get at surface coal.
What is Strip Mining?
Laws requiring that mining companies recondition the land to its original state after mining minerals.
What is Land Reclamation?
The crest of the Rocky Mtns. that divide the rivers of North America into those flowing east, and those flowing west.
What is the Continental Divide?
A town that once flourished but is deserted today, usually because of the nearby depletion of nearby resources like gold or silver.
What is a Ghost Town?
A canal for carrying running water great distances for irrigation.
What is an Aqueduct?
A place name that may reflect the history or culture of a region.
What is a toponym?

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