Glossary of Socials 2

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when did judaism start?
2300 BC
What's the oldest religion out of judaism, sikhism, buddhism, christian, and islam?
judaism is the oldest.
leader of sikhism?
guru nanak
what is the second oldest religion out of those?
Buddhism is the second oldest.
leader of muslim?
allah/ mohummad
sikh book?
guru granth sahib
leader of christianity?
christianity book?
when did muslim start?
400 AD
muslim book?
buddhism found?
south east asia
judaism book?
islam found?
middle east
buddhism book?
whos the leader of judaism?
when did sikhism start?
1469 AD
what happened in the exodus?
israelites were slaves in israel to build the pyramids. God sent moses to save the hebrew people. since pharoah didn't let thm go, moses sent out plagues to egypt.
when did christianity start?
0 AD
leader of buddhism?
buddha, siddatha gotama
where is judaism found?
middle east
christianity found?
when did buddhism start?
2500 years ago
sikhism found?
what was the holocaust?
germans attacked and killed 6 million jews in world war 2.

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