Glossary of Social Studies, Unit 1, Chap 1, Lesson 2: geography terms and concepts

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A current is

the part of a body of water flowing in a certain direction.

the tides are

the regular rise and fall of an ocean (and the bodies of water connected to it).

An inlet is

any area of water extending into the land (from a larger body of water).

A gulf is

part of a sea or ocean extending into the land (usually larger than a bay).

A sound is

a long inlet (that often separates offshore islands from the mainland).

continental divide

An imaginary line which runs along the highest points of the Rocky Mountains.
What is the importance of the Continental Divide?

It divides the major river systems into thoses which flow into the Pacific Ocean from those which flow into the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.
drainage basin

The land drained by a river system.
fall line

A place where the elevation of the land drops sharply, causing rivers to form waterfalls or rapids.

A tributary is a stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river.
The largest freshwater lake in the world is?

Lake Superior

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