Glossary of Social Psych Exam

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Which of the following people is least likely to conform to group pressure?

a)an adolescent in 8th grade
b)a person from an individualistic culture
c)a person from a collectivistic culture
d)a person whose attention has been dr
b)a person from an individualistic culture
Although they are distinct techniques, the foot-in-the-door, door-in-the-face, low-balling, and that's-not-all techniques are similar in that they all involve

a)starting with a small request and subsequently raising the costs.
c)two steps
Joanie asked an acquaintance named Chachi if he would do a small favor for her. After he agreed and did the small favor, Joanie then asked him to do an even larger favor for her. This scenario describes

a)the foot-in-the-door technique
a)foot-in-the-door technique
Hector's friends all say the recent test was difficult. Hector thinks the test was easy. When asked what he thought, Hector agrees with his friends. This outcome illustrates

a)normative influence
b)private conformity
c)reciprocity no
a)normative influence
A dozen participants were gathered into a group. An authority figure approached the group and ordered the group to do something most of the participants thought was morally wrong. The group defied the authority, refusing to obey. According to social impa
a)social impact of the authority was divided among the dozen targets
Which of the following people should be least likely to conform to a unamnimous majority in a situation similar to that faced by the participants in Asch's study concerning the line judgements?

a)Jeff, who is not confident about his eyesight
d)Benjamin, who saw someone else dissent
When Milgram exposed participants to an authority who demanded that they harm another person by administering electric shocks of up to 450 volts to him, he initially found that the percentage of participants who obeyed the authority's orders to administe
c)65 percent
Karen needs to type a term paper. To persuade her roommate to let Karen use her typewriter, Karen first lends her some notes that the roommate needs and then asks if she can use her typewriter. Karen is using the

a)social impact theory
d)norm of reciprocity
Although neither group makes any explicit requests or demands of her, Joni expresses pro-conservative opinions when she is with her conservative friends and she expresses anti-conservative opinions when she is with her liberal friends. Joni's actions bes
A majority is more likely to be persuaded to change its views if the dissenting minority

a)has accumulated idiosyncrasy credits
b)seems very obstinate and unusual
c)keeps changing back and forth from conforming to listening
a)has accumulated idiosyncrasy credits

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