Glossary of Skin and Wound specimens

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What are the usual defense mechanisms of the skin and wounds?
1. sIgA
2. Lysozyme
3. Physical barrier - skin
What are the 7 common skin infections?
1. Pimples, carbuncles/furuncles
2. Impetigo (acne too)
3. Scalded Skin Syndrome
3. Erysipelas, Cellulitis
4. Burn, virus, fungal infectns
What are 4 predisposing factors for skin and wound infections?
1. Bites
2. Trauma
3. Surgery
4. Decubiti (bedsores)
What IS an abscess?
A collection of pus that has drained into a cavity formed from tissue disintegration.
What are the preferred specimens from skin and wound infections?
1. Aspirates preferred (anaerobes often cause deep)
2. Swabs will deal (for surface wounds)
When would a direct smear be done for a skin/wound infectn?
-for a DEEP wound; not usually normal flora that far in.

-To identify fungus on skin.
What culture media is set up for a skin infection?
BA, CA, CNA or EMB (if bedsore)
What culture media are set up for a wound infection?
BA, CA, CNA, Thioglycollate, and ANAEROBIC PLATE MEDIA!
What 3 organisms commonly cause skin infections?
1. Staph aureus
2. Streptococci
3. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
What exactly does P. aeruginosa cause?
Burn infections
What are 4 common flora on skin?
What 3 bugs cause human bite wounds?
What 2 bugs cause animal bite wounds?
Pasteurella multocida
Staph aureus
What are common pathogens in wounds and abcesses?
Staph aureus

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