Glossary of Sero study questions

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Does injection of protective Ab cause active or passive immunity?
Does injecting attenuated or killed Ag stimulate active or passive immunity?
Does viral infection stimulate active/passive immunity?
Does bacterial infection stimulate active or passive immunity?
Does Ab passage from Mom-fetus stimulate active or passive immunity?
What is the nim mw for a substance to be an antigen?
10,000 daltons
What is an adjuvant?
Something that enhances ANTIGENICITY - slows Ag release or allows MORE time for Ag interaction w/ the immune system.
Humoral Immunity components:
B cells
Cellular Immunity components:
T cells
Identical action exhibited by Humoral and Cellular Immunity:
Proliferation and Memory
Which cell has Erythrocyte receptor? What is the receptor's name?
T cells - CD2 - E-rosettor
In lymph nodes, where do:
-T cells reside?
-B cells reside?
T: paracortex

B: germinal center
T cells mature where?
B cells mature where?
Bone marrow
What is necessary for Antigen presentation to T cells by macrophages/monocytes?
All immunoglobulins have what basic structure?
2 Heavy chains
2 Light chains
-Bound by disulfide bonds.
Which Ig binds MAST cells, via what?
IgE - via Fc portion.
IgG subclasses vary based on:
Number of disulfide bonds.
Which Ig's have J chains?
IgM and IgA
How many units are in:
IgG = 1 unit
IgM = 5 units
IgA = 2 or 3 units
IgG - Incompletely

IgM - Completely
Ig Constant region differences between persons of the same species.
What is Isotype?
Heavy chains differences among people.
What is Idiotype?
Differences in the VARIABLE regions of antibodies between people.
Ig present in human serum in highest concentration?
Which Igs fix complement?
IgM and IgG
Which Igs cross placenta?
Give 3 characteristics of PRIMARY immune response:
1. Occurs w/ 1st Ag contact
2. IgM, transient, evidence of ACUTE infection.
3. Slow comp w/ hypersens. or secondary immune response.
Give 2 characteristics of SECONDARY immune response:
1. Requires previous Ag contact.
2. IgG, Fast, Long lasting
What is Affinity?
Strength of single epitope binding/fit
What is avidity?
Strength of a multivalent Ag-Ab bond

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