Glossary of Science Word Definitions

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Rigid boundry that supports plant cells.
Cell Wall P
Fluid substance contained in the nucleus.
Organizes and makes protein, can be free floating.
Ribosome A and P
Makes steriods, regulates Ca, breaks down substances.
SER A and P
Converts sugar into starch in plant cells.
Leucoplast (P)
Microtubules and microfilaments of the cytoplasm, provides support, "skeleton"
Site of photosynthesis in plant cells.
Chloroplast (P)
Fluid filled organelle, stores water, enzymes, and metabolic waste.
Vacuole (A,P)
Hallway that prepares protein for export, "transportation center"
Protein tube, provides support, largest strand of cytoskeleton.
Protein tube, provides support, smallest strand of cytoskeleton.
Region of the cell between the nucleus and cell membrane.
Cytoplasm (P,A)
Longer, hair-like microtubules, function in locomotion.
Short, hair-like microtubles, move substances, used for locomotion.
Makes ribosomes, dark stain in nucleus, contains RNA.
Nucleolus (P,A)
Fluid that bathes the organelles inside of the cell membrane, "jelly-like"
Cytosol (P,A)
Stores hereditary info, makes RNA and ribosomes, "the brain"
Nucleus (P,A)
Selectively permeable outer boundry of the cell.
Cell membrane (P,A)
Processes and packages substances produced by cell, "storage"
Golgi Apparatus (A,P)
In plant cell, contains starch, fats, or pigments.
Plastid (P)
Membrane that surrounds the nucleus.
Nuclear Member (P,A)
Openings that allow the passage of substances between nucleus and cytoplasm.
Nuclear Pores (P,A)
Site of digestion, "suicide sacs"
Lysosemes (A)
"Powerhouse", site of aerobic respiration, makes ATP
Mitochondria (A)

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