Glossary of SAT same and different

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Abhor (S)
hate, detest, loathe, execrate, denounce, abominate
Abhor (A)
admire, adore, esteem, revere, adulate, venerate
Ambiguous (S)
unclear, indefinite, cryptic, indistinct, indeterminate, contradictory, paradoxical
Ambiguous (A)
exact, distinct, definite, lucid, intelligible, explicit, manifest, unequivocal
Assiduous (S)
thorough, complete, diligent, industrious, sedulous, scrupulous, fastidious, indefatigable
Assiduous (A)
lazy, lackadaisical, slothful, idle, indolent, lethargic, apathetic, torpid
Attribute (S)
trait, aspect, facet, mode, peculiarity, singularity, idiosyncrasy, property, component
Attribute (A)
indefiniteness, indeterminacy, vagueness, inconclusiveness, obscurity, anonymity, nondescriptness
Austerity (S)
sternness, gravity, somberness, bareness, solemnity, abstention, asceticism, stringency
Austerity (A)
lightheartedness, levity, gaiety, giddiness, triviality, indulgence, intemperance, hedonism

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