Glossary of SAT Vocabulary Words

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A declaration or statement
We could not believe John's assertion that he had never seen Star Wars.
Clearness in thought or expression
Carol spoke with such clarity that her two-year-old son understood exactly what she wanted him to do.
Convincing; reasonable
Christina's argument was so cogent that even her opponents had to agree with her.
Logically connected
The old prospector's story was not coherent; he rambled on about different things that had nothing to do with each other.
Condition of sticking together
Erik's essay was cohesive because each point flowed nicely into the next point.
Intended to instruct
The tapes were entertaining and didactic because they both amused and instructed children.
Verbal expression or exchange; conversation
Their discourse varied widely; they discussed everything from Chaucer to ice fishing.
The ability to speak vividly or persuasively
Cicero's eloquence is legendary; his speeches were well-crafted and convincing.
To give special attention to something, to stress
During English class, our instructor emphasized the importance of learning vocabulary.
Easily flowing
The two old friends' conversation was fluid; each of them was able to respond quickly and easily to what the other had to say.
The act of suggesting or hinting
When your mother says, "Where were you raised, in a pigsty?" the implication is that you should clean your room.
Easily understood; clear
Our teacher does a good job because he provides lucid explanantions of difficult concepts.
An authority who expresses his/her opinions
The political pundit has made many predictions, but few of them have come true.
The art of using language effectively and persuasively
Since they are expected to make speeches, most politicians ans lawyers are well versed in the art of rhetoric.

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