Glossary of SAT Vocab 9 2

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Exhort; verb
to urge or incite by strong appeals
Exhume; verb
to remove from a grave; uncover a secret
Exigent; adj
urgent; excessively demanding
Exonerate; verb
to clear of blame, absolve
Expedient; adj
convenient, efficient, practical
Expiate; verb
to atone; to make amends
Expurgate; verb
to censor
Extemporaneous; adj
unrehearsed, on the spur of the moment
Extricate; verb
to free from; to disentangle
Fallow; adj
uncultivated, unused
Fastidious; adj
careful with details
Fatuous; adj
stupid; foolishly self-satisfied
Fecund; adj
fertile, fruitful, productive
Felicitous; adj
suitable, appropriate; well spoken
Fervid; adj
passionate, intense, zealous
Fetid; adj
foul-smelling, putrid
Fetter; verb
to bind, chain, confine
Flaccid; adj
limp, flabby, weak
Florid; adj
gaudy, extremely ornate
Foible; noun
minor weakness or character flaw
Foment; verb
to arouse or incite
Forbearance; noun
patience, restraint, leniency
Forswear; verb
to repudiate, renounce, disclaim, reject
Forte; noun
strong point, something a person does well
Founder; verb
to sink; to fall helplessly
Fracas; noun
noisy dispute
Fractious; adj
unruly, rebellious
Fulsome; adj
sickeningly excessive; repulsive
Gambol; verb
to dance or skip around playfully
Garner; verb
to gather and store

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