Glossary of SAT Vocab 8 2

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Edify; verb
to instruct morally and spiritually
Efface; verb
to erase or make illegible
Efficacious; adj
effective, efficient
Effigy; noun
stuffed doll; likeness of a person
Effrontery; noun
impudent boldness; audacity
Effulgent; adj
brilliantly shining
Effusive; adj
expressing emotion without restraint
Egregious; adj
conspicuausly bad
Egress; noun
Elucidate; date
to explain, claify
Endemic; adj
belonging to a particular area; in herent
Enervate; verb
to weaken, sap strength from
Engender; verb
to produce, cause, bring about
Enmity; noun
hostility, antagonism, ill will
Ennui; noun
boredom, lack of interest and energy
Ensconce; verb
to settle comfortably into a place
Entreat; verb
to plead, beg
Ephemeral; adj
momentary, transient, fleeting
Epicure; noun
a person with refined taste in cuisine
Epigram; noun
short, witty saying or poem
Equanimity; noun
calmness, composure
Erudite; adj
learned, scholarly
Esoteric; adj
understood by only a learned few
Ethereal; adj
not earthly, spiritual; delicate
Ethos; noun
belief or character of a group
Evanescent; adj
momentary, transitory, short-lived
Evince; verb
to show clearly, display, signify
Exacerbate; verb
to aggravate; to intensify the bad qualities of
Exculpate; verb
to clear of blame or fault, vindicate
Execrable; adj
utterly detestable, abhorrent

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