Glossary of SAT Vocab 7 2

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Diaphanous; adj
allowing light to show through; delicate
Diatribe; noun
bitter verbal attack
Dichotomy; noun
division into two parts
Dictum; noun
authoritative statement; popular saying
Didactic; adj
excessively instructive
Diffidence; noun
shyness, lack of confidence
Dilatory; adj
slow, tending to delay
Diminutive; adj
Disconcerting; adj
bewildering, perplexing, slightly disturbing
Discordant; adj
disagreeing; at variance
Discursive; adj
wandering from topic to topic
Disparage; verb
to belittle, speak disrespectfully about
Dissemble; verb
to pretend; to disguise one's motives
Disseminate; verb
to spread far and wide
Dissension; noun
difference of opinion
Dissipate; verb
to scatter; to pursue pleasure to excess
Distend; verb
to swell, inflate, bloat
Dither; verb
to move or act confusedly or without clear purpose
Diurnal; adj
Divine; verb
to foretell or know by inspiration
Divisive; adj
creating disunity or conflict
Dogmatic; adj
rigidly fixed in opinion, opinionated
Doleful; adj
sad, mournful
Droll; adj
amusing in a wry, subtle way
Dulcet; adj
pleasant sounding, soothing to the ear
Duress; noun
threat of force or intimidation
Dyspeptic; adj
gloomy and irritable; suffering from indigestion
Ebb; verb
to fade away; to recede
Ebullient; adj
exhilarated, full of enthusiasm and high spirits
Edict; noun
law, command, official public order

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