Glossary of SAT Vocab 2 2

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Aspersion; noun
false rumor, damaging report, slander
Assiduous; adj
diligent, persistent, hard-working
Assuage; verb
to make less severe; to ease; to relieve
Astringent; adj
harsh, severe, stern
Atrocious; adj
monstrous, shockingly bad, wicked
Atrophy; noun
to waste away, to wither from disuse
Attenuate; verb
to weaken; to make thin or slender
Augury; noun
prophecy, prediction of events
August; adj
dignified, awe inspiriing, venerable
Ausipisious; adj
having favorable prosecpects, promising
Averice; adj
Axiom; noun
Premise, postulates, self-evident truth
Baleful; adj
harmful, with evil intentions
Banal; adj
trite, overly common
Bastion; noun
fortification, stronghold
Belabor; verb
to insist repeatedly or harp on
Beleaguer; verb
to harass, plague
Belie; verb
to misrepresent; to expose as false
Bellicose; adj
warlike, aggressive
Belligerent; adj
hostile, tending to fight
Benighted; adj
Bequeath; verb
to give or leave through a will; to hand down
Beseech; verb
to beg, plead, implore
Bilk; verb
to cheat, defraud
Blandish; verb
to coax with flattery
Blight; verb
to afflict; to destroy
Bonhomie; noun
good-natured geniality; atmosphere of good cheer
Boon; noun
blessing, something to be thankful for
Bourgeois; adj
middle class
Breach; noun
act of breaking, violation

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