Glossary of SAT Vocab 20

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Urbane; adj
courteous, refined, suave
Usurp; verb
to seize by force
Utilitarians; adj
efficient, functional, useful
Vacillated; verb
to waver; to show indecision
Vacuous; adj
empty, void; lacking intelligence, purposeless
Vapid; adj
tasteless, dull
Vaunted; adj
boasted about, bragged about
Venerate; verb
to adore; to honor; to respect
Verdant; adj
green with vegetation
Verisimilitude; noun
quality of appearing true or real
Vestige; noun
trace, remnant
Vicissitude; noun
change or variation; ups and downs
Virtuoso; noun
someone with masterly skill; expert musician
Vitriolic; adj
burning, caustic, sharp, bitter
Whet; verb
to sharpen, to stimulate
Whimsical; adj
playful, fanciful
Wizened; adj
withered, shriveled, wrinkled
Xenophobia; noun
fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers
Yoke; verb
to join together
Zealot; noun
someone passionately devoted to a cause

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