Glossary of SAT Vocab 13

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Nascent; adj
starting to develop, coming into existence
Negligible; adj
not worth considering
Neophyte; noun
novice, beginner
Nettle; verb
to irritate
Noisome; adj
stinking, putrid
Notoriety; noun
unfavorable fame
Noxious; adj
harmful, unwholesome
Nuance; noun
shade of meaning
Nullify; verb
to make legally invalid; to counteract the effect of
Oblique; adj
indirect, evasive, misleading, devious
Obsequious; adj
overly submissive, brownnoising
Obstreperous; adj
troublesome, unruly
Obtuse; adj
insensitive, stupid, dull, unclear
Obviate; verb
to make unnecessary; to anticipate and prevent
Occlude; verb
to shut; to block
Officious; adj
too helpful, meddlesome
Omniscient; adj
having infinite knowledge; all-seeing
Onerous; adj
Opulence; noun
Ostensible; adj
Ostentatious; adj
Palaver; noun
idle talk
Pall; noun
covering that darkens or obscures; coffin
Pall; verb
to lose strength or interest
Palliate; verb
to make less serious; ease
Panacea; noun
Panoply; noun
impressive array
Parity; noun
Parley; noun
discussion, usually between enemies
Parochial; adj
of limited scope or outlook, provincial

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