Glossary of Roman Catholic Catechism 2nd Grade

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Who made You?
God made you.
Who is God?
God is the all perfect Being, Creator of Heaven and Earth.
Where is God?
God is in Heaven, in the Church, on earth, and everywhere.
Does God know everything?
Yes, God knows everything, even our thoughts.
What is your soul?
Your soul is the part of you that never dies. It gives you life, and the power to do what is right and good. A gift from God.
What is the Bible?
It is a great book that tells us many things about God that we could not learn any other way. God did not write the Bible, but He told the men who wrote it what to say.
What is the Trinity?
There is only one God, but in God there are three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
What is a Mystery?
Something that God wants us to know about, but is very hard to understand.
Who were the first man and woman?
Adam and Eve.
What is Grace?
Grace is a share in God's own life
what is a Guardian Angel?
God Gave us one to protect us and help us to be good. You are never without your heavenly friend.
What are Angels?
Angels are created spirits without bodies. They are servants and Messengers for God.
What are Devils?
Devils are some of the Angels who did not love God. God sent them to Hell.
What is sin?
Sin is disobedience to God's law.
What is Orignal Sin?
The sin of Adam and Eve that took away God's grace.
What is Baptism?
Baptism is the sacrament that makes us Christians and adopted children of God.
What does Baptism do?
Baptism washes away Original Sin from your soul and makes it rich in the Grace of God.
What are the 10 Commandments?
The 10 Commandments are God's laws of love for all His people.
The First Commandment
You shall not have other gods besides me.
The Second Commandment.
You shall not use God's name in vaine
The Third Commandment.
Keep Holy the Sabbath.
The Fourth Commandment.
Honor thy father and mother.
The Fifth Commandment
You shall not kill.
The Sixth Commandment.
You shall not commit adultery.
The Seventh commandment
You shall not steal.
The Eight Commandment
You shall not lie.
The Ninth Commandment
You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.
The tenth Commandment
You shall not covet your neighbor's goods.
What is a mortal sin?
A serious act of disobedience against the Law of God. It has three parts: 1) It must be serious 2) You must know it is wrong 3) You must freely choose to do it.
What is a venial Sin?
A little act of disobedience against the Law of God.
What is a prophet?
A Holy man that God spoke to his people through.
Who is the Mother of Jesus?
The Blessed Virgin Mary
Was anyone ever free from Original Sin?
The Blessed Virgin Mary.
What is Advent?
The season of preparation for the coming of Jesus.
Where was Jesus born?
He was born at Bethlehem in a stable, and placed in a manger.
Who is Jesus Christ?
Jesus Christ is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. He is true God and true man.
Why did the Son of God become man?
To save us from our sins.
Who is the Holy family?
Jesus, Saint Mary, and Saint Joseph. Together they loved and served God faithfully. They are an example for all families.
Who is Saint Joseph?
St. Joseph is the foster father of Jesus, and Mary's husband.
Why was Jesus baptised by John the Baptist?
Jesus wass baptised by St. John the Baptist so that all people would know that Jesus is the Son of God.
Why did Jesus preach the Good News?
Jesus preached the Good News so that everyone could enter the Kingdom of God by accepting His teachings.
Why do we practice the Corporal Works of Mercy?
They help us to live the Kingdom of God here on Earth.
What are the Corporal Works of Mercy?
1. Feed the Hungry. 2. Give drink to the thirsty 3. Shelter the Homeless. 4. Give clothing to the naked. 5. Visit the sick. 6. Visit the imprisoned. 7. Bury the dead.
What is Prayer?
Prayer is lifting our hearts and minds to God to adore Him, to thank Him, and to ask Him for what we need and for the needs of others.
Why did Jesus work Miracles?
So that people would have faith and recognize Him as the Son of God.
What is Sorrow for sins?
the sadness we have for the sins we have done, and the wish to never do them again. We have sorrow for sins because we are sad that wwe have offended God, or because we fear His just punishments.
What is the Sacrament of Penance?
aka Reconciliation or Confession. We confess to God through a priest the sins that we have done and we are forgiven by the power of Jesus Christ. Grace is restored in our souls and we are given a penance to make up for the wrongs we have done.
What words must a priest say for your sins to be forgiven in the Sacrament of Penance?
"I absolve you from your sins in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."
What are the five steps to make a good Confession in the Sacrament of Penance?
1. Know what my sins are. 2. Be Sorry for my sins. Make up my mind not to sin again. 4. Tell my sins to a priest during Confession. 5. Do the Penancfe the priest gives me.
What are the effects of a good Confession?
my sins will be forgiven, and I will receive Grace into my soul and the strength to be a good Christian.
What is Penance?
It is a prayer, offering, work of mercy, service to neighbor, act of self denial, sacrifice, work of charity, or acceptance of our cross. It helps us to become like Jesus, and to make up for our sins.
Why can we call Jesus the Good Shepherd.
Because he loves His sheep, cares for them, gives them food, protects them from evil, and even lays down his life for thyem. We are His sheep, and the Church is his sheepfold.
What is the Eucharist?
The Eucharist is the sacrament of the real Body and Blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
When did Jesus give us the Eucharist?
At the Last Supper.
How can a Priest change the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ?
When a man becomes a priest, he reveices the power from Jesus to change the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus. Jesus first gave this power to His disciples when He said, at the Last Supper, "Do this in memory of Me."
What words must a priest say at Mass for the bread to become the Body of Christ?
This is my Body."
What words must a Priest say at Mass for the wine to become the Blood of Christ?
This is the cup of My Blood.
After the prayer consecrating the Eucharist, is it still bread and wine?
After the prayer of the consecration, it is no longer bread and wine, It is Jesus really and truly present in the Eucharist.
What did Jesus Christ do to save us from our sins?
Jesus Christ died for the forgiveness of our sins by suffering and dying on the Cross, so we can be with Him forever in Heaven.
After His death,what did Jesus Christ do?
On the third day after His death, Jesus rose from the dead, took up His body, and won for us the life of grace.
What is the Mass?
The Mass is the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, and the gift of Himself in the Eucharist. The priest offers the Eucharist in church
Why is the Mass offered to God?
The Mass is offered to God to worship Him, to thank Him, and to make up for our sins, and to ask for His help.
How can we participate in the Mass?
We may sing hymns, listen to the Word of God in the readings and the priest's Homily, offer themsleves in union with Jesus to the Father, and receive our Lord in the Holy Eucharist.
What is trasnsubstantiation?
It is when the brad and wine becomee the body and blood of Jesus during the Consecration.
What is necessary to receive Holy Communion?
To receive Holy communion, you must be in the grace of God, believe it is Jesus you are going to receive, and fast for one hour before.
What did Jesus do after his Resurrection?
He remained on Earth for Forty days and ascended into Heaven.
Who is the Holy Spirit/
The Holy Spirirt is God, the Third person of the Holy trinity.
What are the seven Sacraments?
Baptism, Penance, Holy Eucharist, Confirmtion, Marriage, Holy Orders, Anointing of the Sick
What is the Church?
The family of all Baptized people.
Who founded the Church?
Jesus Christ founded the Church.
Who is the Pope?
the Pope is the pastor of the entire church and is the successor of Peter, thei first Apostle. HE takes the place of Jesus on Earth.
What special thing did God do for Mary at the end of her life?
God took her into heaven, body and soul. This is called the Assumption.
Does Jesus remain in the blessed Sacrament after mass?
Yes. He is reserved in the tabernacle.
What will happen at the end of the World?
The dead will be resurrected and their bodies will be reunited with their souls.
What are Devils?
Devils are some of the Angels who did not love God. God sent them to Hell.
Does Jesus remain in the blessed Sacrament after mass?
Yes. He is reserved in the tabernacle

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