Glossary of Robin

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a suggestion in a story of what is to come later by giving hints and clues
to "read between the lines" to understand and interpret an authors message
main idea
a statement which reflects gist, or total message of a selection
the feeling a piece of literature arouses in the reader: Happy, sad, peaceful, etc. Mood is created by the details and language an author uses
the action or events in a story
point of view
the vantage point from which the author writes the story
sequence chart
a graphic organizer in which the events of a story or selection are listed in order
how the author writes (form) rather than what the author writes (content)
to convey the main idea and a few details from a selection in a short paragraph
the use of a concrete object to represent an idea
a statement about life that a particular selection is trying to get across to the reader
time line
a drawing that shows dates and events in historical perspective
the attitude of the author toward his audience, the characters, or the content; the attitude may be serious, humorous, etc.
Venn Diagram
a graphic organizer consisting of overlapping cicles that compare and contrast characters, ideas, or issues in a selection
i had four cookies and i ate one, now i only have three!
i like bald purple llamas!

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