Glossary of Renaissance and Broque Music

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During the Renaissance, the dominant intellecutal movement that focused on human life and its accomplishments
Polyphonic choral work set to a sacred latin text. One of the two main forms of sacred renaissanc music
Plucked string instrument shaped like a half pear. Used in Renaissance/Baroque Music
Word Painting
Musical Representation of specific poetic images - falling melodic line to accompany descending - used in Ren/bar music
Sacred Choral Composition with 5 parts - Kyrie, gloria, credo, santus, agnus dei
Part of the family of bowed string instruments during Renaissance. Had 6 strings and a fretted fingerboard
A cappela
Choral music without instrumental accompainament
Composition for several voices set to a short secular poem, usually about love, combining homophonic and polyphonic sounds and using word painting, common in Ren music
All of the members - play full orchestra
In Italian: the Refrain (repeated section of music usually played by the full orchestra of tutti in Baroque composition)
Ritornello Form
Compositional form usually employed in the Baroque Concerto Grosso, in which the tutti plays a ritornello, or refrain, alternating with one of more soloists playing new material.
A solo piece written for instrument and orchestra
A composition for Orchestra
A work written for a small group of instruments one to eight players.
Opera-line large-scale composition for chorus, vocal soloists, and orchestra usually set to a narrative text, but without acting, scenery, or costumes; oftern based on biblical stories
Concerto Grosso
Small group of artists (soloists) are pitted against the whole group (tutti). Usually Consists of 3 movements 1)fast 2)slow 3)fast
A keyboard instrument that has strings that are plucked
A keyboard instrument that has hammered keys
A piece that sounds fairly complete and independent but tis part of a larger composition
Polyphonic composition based on one main theme or subject
Latin for work. An opus number is a way of identifying a piece or set of pieces.
Program Music
Instrumental Music associated with a story, poem, idea, or scene, often found in Baroque and especially Romantic Music

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