Glossary of Referred Pain of Abdomen

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Distal Esophagus
- Lateral horn T5-T9

- T6 - T9 dermatomes
- Epigastric region

- Lateral horn T5-T9

- T6-T9/T10 dermatomes
- Epigastric or L hypochondriac regions

- Lateral horn T5-T9

- T7-T8 dermatomes
- Epigastric region

Liver and Bilary system
- Lateral horn T6-T9

- T6-T9 dermatomes
- Epigastric --> R hypochondriac region

- Lateral horn T5-T9

- T8-T9 dermatomes
- Inferior epigastric region

- Lateral horn T5-T9

- T6-T8 dermatomes
- L shoulder

Jejunum and ileum
- Lateral horn T5-T10

- T9-T10 dermatomes
- Periumbilical region

Cecum - proximal 2/3 of transverse colon
- Lateral horn T10-T12

- From cecum-prox sigmoid colon
- T10-T12 dermatomes
- Hypogastric region and L1-L3 dermatomes LLQ

- Appendix = T10 & umbilical region

Distal 1/3 transverse - anal canal (above pectinate line)
- Lateral horn L1-L2

- From distal sigmoid colon to proximal anal canal:
- S2-S4 dermatomes

Left Lower Quadrant
(proximal large intestine is hypogastric)

Gall bladder
Early: R epigastric region via GVAs
Late: R hypochondriac via GSAs (if GB irritates diaphragm, then pain may refer to right subscapular and /or right shoulder via GSAs in R phrenic n)
Flank (side of body between pelvis and ribs)

inguinal region and genitals

Umbilicus Dermatome
Hypogastric region dermatomes
aka "suprapubic region"


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