Glossary of Random Geographical Information

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_______ and ______ claim jurisdiction over the Falkland Islands
Argentina and Great Britain
________ was created as a buffer zone between ________ and _______
Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil
Venezuela belongs to ________
In order to produce corn, large quantities of ________ are required
Couples tend to have __________ families during uncertain times
The Nile has two sources, the _________ from _________ and the _________ from ________
White Nile, Victoria and Blue Nile, Lake Tana
Nigeria is divided into southern _______ and northern _________
Christian, Islam
Oil in Venezuela is located around and in _________
Lake Maracaibo
The middle class of people in SOuth American cities is located in what is called the ______________
zone of maturity
___ ______ is the leading industial city of Brazil
Sao Paulo
________ refers to factories located in Mexico just across the border that are assembly plants
___________ is the two way exchange of culture traits between societies in close contact
______ are slum areas in South American cities
An insurgent state is a territory in which _______ _______ is succesful
guerrilla movement
______ is a language that developed among African slaves and indentured servants
the _______ is a knotted rope used by the Incas for mathematical words
the ______ civilization developed in the Andes of South America
the ______ is a large estate in a Spanish speaking country
the ______ ________ is relatively sparsely settled
Tierra Caliente
African rivers are good for _________ but not for _______
hydroelectric power, transportation
Africa's coast is too smooth for a lot of _____________
natural harbors
_____________ countries, until recently, have not cooperated for the benefit of all
South American
the term ________ is not correct when referring to Middle and South America
money sent home by an immigrant is referred to as _____________
A population of ___ million or more would make an urban area a _______
10, megacity
terrorist and guerrilla movements start in the ________ of countries
The best shape for promoting political unity in a country is the ________
In most South American cities, the capital is the __________
primate city
__________ is both a locational and environmental term
______ are farmlands in Mexico in which the government holds title to the land
___________ _________ of Africa was late in arriving
European colonization
Islands in the _______ region are related to mountain chains from the ocean floor
The elite sections of Latin America's cities reside on both sides of the _____________
commerical/industiral sector
______ does not have large reserves of energy producing minerals
Advancements in soil testing have led to large acreage increase in _________ in Brazil
soybean production

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