Glossary of Radiology of CVDz

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What is the mortality associated with Subarachnoid hemmorhage?
What are the various forms of annuerysm?
saccular, fusiform (do not cause SAH), and dissecting
What is imaging is indicated for Subarachnoid hemmorhage?
Computerized Tomography, catheter angiography is needed to pinpoint the exact location.
What is DWI?
Diffusion weighted imaging, a variation of MRI capable of detecting cerebral infarction within two hours of stroke onset.
True or False? CT is good at detecting acute infarction.
False. CT is incapable of detecting before 12 hours and frequently not reliably before 18 hours.
What image study is indicated for brainstem/cerebellum...the posterior fossa?
MRI due to the absence of bone artifact.
What is the surgical treatment for carotid artery stenosis?
(CEA) Carotid Endarterectomy
How do AVM (arteriovenous malformations) typically present?
Seizure or hemorrhage, usually idiopathic but may present with Rendu-Osler-Weber or Wyburn-Mason Syndromes.
What is CTA?
CT Angiogram imaging technique utilizing helical CT and IV contrast to generate CT generated images. Everyone suspected of stroke gets CTA!!!!!!!
What is the gold standard for evaluation of carotid arteries?
In what capacities does CT exceed MRI?
Evaluation of
1. SAH, calcification
2. fractures
3. High resolution of the temporal bones
CT has no contraindications save pregnancy
What are the disadvantages associated with CT?
Stroke will invariably be negative for up to 18 hours (hemorrahge can be detected almost immediately)
What is the FDA approved critical time for administration of tissue plasminogen activator?
3 hours for IV tPA, 6 hours for (IA) tPA intrarterial using a microcatheter inserted into the femoral A and routed to the site of stenosis.
What are some major setbacks associated with MRI DWI?
It is slow (45 min) and usually makes monitoring the patient very difficult. No annuerysm clips/coils, no pacemakers or other ferromagnetics.
Define cytotoxic edema?
Cell death associated with infarction in the cortex, grey matter and nuclei.
Define vasogenic edema.
Associated with stroke in the grey matter (white is spared) secondary to tumor or infection.
Discuss the contrasts utilized to enhance CT & MRI images.
CTI vs MRIGood! CT gets Iodine which is nephrotoxic. MRI is enhanced with Gadollinium.
What are some common etiologies of stroke.
Artery disease. Heart is a common source of emboli (PFO, mitral valve stenosis), carotid arteries also embolize, systemic DZ (HTN) and hematopathy (bad platelets)

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