Glossary of REL- Zoroastrian

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2 things Zoroaster was displeased with
1. scrifice of cattle
2. ritual drunkenness
Ahura Mazdah
Good God, encountered by Zoroaster
Angra Mainyu
Evil God, source of all evil. "the lie"
ethical dualism
2 principles, good vs. evil
2 answers for relationship betwen Ahura Mazdah and Angra Mainyu
1. Co-eternal realities
2. Angra is Ahura's son, disobeyed him and got kicked out
what one thinks is going to happen at the end of history
Zoroastrian ethics:
Good thoughts
good words
good deeds
Where does judgement for afterlife take place?
Bridge of Chinvat, over pit of despair
savior, Z will return as this at the end of time
2 unclean things
corpse, menstruating woman
Towers of silence
structures for dead to decompose and be eaten by vultures
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