Glossary of Punctuate It ! Game

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Be quiet
Stop throwing rocks
Do red cars get more speeding tickets
I want a hamburger and french fries from Wendy's
Does Jane have on a pretty pink dress
We learn a lot about measurement in third grade
Why is it so hot in Florida
My aunt Rosa got a new red car
Is the sky blue on a sunny day
Jane has on a pretty pink dress
Mrs Francescani is our principal.
My favorite holiday is Christmas, what's yours
Does third grade learn a lot about measurement
I talked to my mother on the telephone
Liters and quarts are almost the same measurement
A meter is 4 inches longer than a yard
"Is it O.K. if I have a candy bar", asked Juan
Coach yelled, Stop
Grams and ounces are almost the same in measurement
Would you measure the water in a swimming pool using cups
Is a shape with four sides is called a quadrilateral
It can snow in Florida
Is Indiantown in Martin County
Third grade Rocks
Yummy Pizza is my most favorite food.
Have you seen the spectacular movie Spiderman
Isn't our class the best third grade class
Who was Warfield Elementary named after
Can it snow in Florida
The sky is blue on a sunny day
My mother alway tells me to do my homework
Has anyone seen my baseball bat

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