Glossary of Psychology3

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What are Concepts?

Hint: Object of group affection
mental groupings of similar objects
What is an Algorithim?

Hint: one big step for man
step-by-step procedure that guarantees a solution
What is a Heuristic?

Hint: Boondock Saints
simple thinking strategy – “rule of thumb”
What is a Mental Set?

Hint: out with the old...
a well-established habit of perception of thought successful in the past, but may not help us in a new situation
What are representative heuristics?

Hint: compare to perfection
judge the likelihood of something based on how well it matches a prototype
What is Overconfidence?

Hint: full of yourself
I know I am right
What is Belief perseverance?

Hint: I don't care what you think
I’m right even if everyone says I’m wrong
What is Confirmation bias?

Hint: mine...only mine
I can only see evidence that supports my belief, only search info that supports belief
What is Fixation?

Hint: Blinded
I cannot see any other solution
What are Phonemes?

Hint: B vs. D
smallest meaningful sound unit; change in phoneme = change meaning
What are Morphemes?

Hint: ing
the smallest unit of language that carries meaning...ex. (Cat-s; pre-conception; happi-ness; fall-ing; hand-ed)
What is Syntax?

Hint: Rules were meant to be broken
rules for combining words to form sentences
What is Categorical perception?

Hint: different, exaggerate; same category, minimized
Differences among items that fall into different categories are exaggerated, and differences among items that fall into the same category are minimized.
What is Skinner learning?

Hint: Operator
Operant learning
What is Chomsky learning?

Must be wired to learn language because it is so complex
What is the carthisis theory of anger?

Hint: hit a pillow
Releasing your anger on something that is like a wall is good but to a person if you feel regret it is bad
What is adaptation level phenomenon?

Hint: winter t-shirt
hawiian thinking the seattle environment is cold where the native seattlite will think it is ok
What is the role of incentives?

Hint: red light
incentives increase your likelyhood of doing said activity
What is Attribution Theory?

Hint: one or the other
explain actions through situation or personality
What is attribution theory error?

Hint: she's nuts
we as people automatically attribuate crazy actions to personality
What is cognitive dissonance?

Hint: devils advocate
tendency to start agreeing with something that you are forced to play devils advocate for
What is relative deprivation?

Hint: the grass is greener
you think you are deprived cause you don't have what everyone else does
Define Motivation

Hint: hungry
need of desire that directs you towards a goal
role of cognition in emotion

Hint: sense then feel
cognition happens before emotion
What Social Loafing?

Hint: Group project
you diffuse the respocibility
Foot in the Door Phenomonen?

Hint: marijiwana
gateway to other more involved things
Galton intelligence

Hint: Inherit mother nature
Inherited genius...nature
Binet intelligence

Hint: hold me
general intelligence...nuture
Terman intelligence

Hint: bring it home
standardized intelligence testing for us
Stern intelligence

Hint: _ / _
I.Q. testing...age mental divided by chronological age

Hint: x-factor
general intelligence -

Hint: triangle
analytic intelligence, creative intelligence, practical intelligence
Gardner's intelligence

Hint: special
multiple-intelligences, frames of mind "everyone is special" theory
Salovey and Meyer intelligence

Hint: gay
emotional intelligence, ability to percieve, express, understand and regulate emotions
is intelligence due to nature or nurture

Hint: best of...
both but heritability wins
rosenthal study

Hint: teachers pet
self-fulfilling prophecy, young children are more malleable, less established reputations, more susceptible to differential treatment
What is the drive reduction theory?

Hint: i want it or gotta have it
physiological/tissue need -> hunger
behavior that reduces the need
what is Homeostatis?

Hint: tight rope walker
delicate balance of body temp, oxygen in blood, minerals in blood, water, food...
Hunger; Phisology
glucose drops
stomach secrets ghrelin
lat. hypo.; feed me!
ventro. hypo.; stop eating!
What is a set point?

Hint: i am fat
Set point is point at which an individuals "weight thermostat" is set...lose weight or gain weight
arousal and performance

Hint: sex is easy
easy tasks performed best when aroused
harder tasks performed best when calm

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