Glossary of Psychiatry 2

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first line pharmacotherapy for depression
antidepressants associated with hypertensive crisis
preferred antidepressant for patients with comorbid medical conditions
citalopram (few drug interactions)
benzos to use in patients with liver dysfunction
lorazepam, oxazepam, temazepam (non-P450 metabolizers)
A mother who is angry at her husband yells at her child
a pedophile enters a monastery.
Reaction formation
a woman calmly describes a grisly murder
a hospitalized 10 y/o begins to wet her bed
most serious side effect of clozapine
21 y/o male has 3 months of social withdrawl, worsening grades, flattened affect, and concrete thinking
schizophreniform disorder (dx of schizophrenia requires >6 months of symptoms)
key side effects of atypical antipsychotics
weight gain, type 2 DM, QT prolongation
young weight lifter recieves IV haloperidol and complains that his eyes are deviated sideways. Dx? Rx?
acute dystonia (oculogyric crisis)
Rx - benztropine, diphenhydramine
medication to avoid in pts with a hx of alcohol withdrawl seizures
13 y/o male has hx of theft, vandalism, and violence towards family pets
conduct disorder
5 month old girl has decreasing head growth, truncal dyscoordination, and decreased social interaction
Rett's disorder
common therapy for phobias, OCD, and panic disorder
pt hasn't slept for days, lost $20000 gambling, is aggitated, and has pressured speech
Acute mania
Start a mood stabilizer
after a minor fender bender a man wears a neck brace and requests permanent disability
nurse presents with severe hypoglycemia; blood peptide analysis reveals no elevation in C peptide
factidious disorder
(Munchausen syndrome)
violent pt has vertical and horizontal nystagmus
PCP intoxication
woman who was abused as a child frequently feels outside or or detached from her body
depersonalization disorder
man has repeated, intense urges to rub his body again unsuspecting passengers on a bus
Frotteurism (a parphilia)
schizophrenic pt takes haloperidol for one year and develops uncontrollable tongue movements
tardive dyskinesia
decrease/stop haloperidol and consider other antipsychotic
man unexpectedly flies across country, takes a new name, and has no memory of his prior life
dissociative fugue

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