Glossary of Psych Test 1

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who founded functionalism
william james
who founded psychoanalysis
sigmund freud
who founded gestalt psychology
max werthiemer
who founded behaviorism
john watson
who founded structuralism
wilhelm wundt
who founded the humanistic perspective
carl rogers and abraham maslow
6 guidelines for critical thinking
1. be will to ask questions
2. analyze assumptions
3. examine the evidence
4. be cautious of emotional decisions
5. avoid oversimplifying issues
6. tolerate ambiguity
what does PRQR stand for
ask Questions
7 psychology subfields
1. psychobiology
2. developmental psychology
3. experimental psychology
4. comparative psychology
5. cognitive psychology
6. personlity psychology
7. social psychology
4 applied psychology specialties
1. clinical psychology
2. counseling psychology
3. industrial organizational psychology
4. education and school psychology
3 types of research
1. observational
2. correlational
3. experimental
3 types of observational research
1. naturalistic observation
2. participant overvation
3. case study
4 research stages
1. select a topic and search the literature
2. develop a theory and formulate hypotheses
3. select a scientific method and submit the study for ethical evaluation
4. collect and analyze date and report results
what is probabilistic determinism?
although psychological phenomena cannot be predicted with 100% certainty, they do occur with a regularity that is not random and can be reasonably understood using scientific methods

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