Glossary of Psych 3,4,6

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learning always occurs as a result of
two main types of behavioral learning
1) classical conditioning
2) operant conditioning
if you salivate to a hamburger smell, learning theory would suggest you have formed an association based on...
classical conditioning
unconditioned stimulus is any stimulus that
naturally elicits a reflexive behavior
the initial learning stage in classical conditioning in which the neutral stimulus is repeatedly paired with the unconditioned stimulus is known as
after acquisition of classical conditioning the ______ now has the ability to elicit a response that resembles the UCR
conditioned stimulus
in operant conditioning, behavioral change is brought about by the manipulation of...
_______ and _________ are consequences that alter the likelihood of behaviors
rewards and punishments
positive reinforcers _______ the likelihood of ensuing responses
negative reinforcement involves...
the removal of an aversive stimulus
_______ refers to the term for any system that encodes, stores, and retrieves information
the memory process of ______ involves the retention of information over time
the three memory stages, in order of processing are
1) sensory
2) working
3) long term

the capacity of working memory is about ______ items
a _______ is any pattern or meaningful unit of information
your memory of how much fun you had last spring break is an example of...
episodic memory
________ most clearly resembles an encyclopedia in terms of its content
semantic memory
we are always aware of ________ memory whereas _________ memory may be incidentally learned
explicit and implicit
the nature-nurture controversy is primarily concerned with...
the relative importance of heredity and environment
Jane displayed no distress toward her mother when she left nor any happiness when she returned. This is best explained by which form of attachment?
Rico is quite relaxed with his caregivers and is able to interact with strangers quite well. This is best explained by which form of attachment?
in the process of ______ new information fits our earlier scheme whereas in __________, our scheme changes to fit new information
assimilation and accommodation
a child who has not mastered object permanence believes that...
a hidden doll no longer exists

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