Glossary of Psych 240 Exam 3

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construct a single production rule that effectively embraces two or more production rules
the perception of aspects of printed words relating to visual form
lexical access
the identification of a word that allows us to gain access to the meaning of the word from memory
interactive-activation model; 3 levels of processing
feature level, letter level, word level
superimposition of language on another's syntax
a developed pidgin with it's own grammar/linguistic form
modern creoles may resemble an evolutionary form of language
types slips of the tongue
anticipation, perseveration, substitution, reversal, malaproprism, insertions
Wernicke's area
impairment in understanding of spooken words and sentences. sentences have basic structure but make no sense
Broca's area
production of agrammatical speech. but verbal comprehension remains intact

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