Glossary of Project Read Framing your thoughts

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a sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a stop sign.
. ? !
dogs bark
horses gallop
the garbage stinks
birds chirp
barebone sentence
person, place, thing
common names / proper names
compound subject
coordinating conjunction
Dad and Mom jog.
John, Mary and Jim cheer.
The ball bounces.
Fido sleeps
Charlie, Jack, and Jim skate.
Angie and Beth jump.
The doll cries and laughs
Jim, Jack and Jason study.
The lightning flashes and strikes
A frog hops and leaps.
The kites glide, dip and drift.
The boys and girls skate, slide and ski.
three articles = a, an, the
singular and plural subject words
The cow grazes
Cows graze.
subject/verb agreement
The horse jumps.
Because the predicate of a sentence shows the action of the subject, the predicate word must reflect the number of subject.
The "s" on the end of the action word means one (singular) subject is doing the action.
The subject word is plural, the predicate word must reflect the number of subject. The subject is plural, that is why there is not an (s) on the end of predicate word.
The horse jumps. Horses jump.

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