Glossary of Proficiency in Sentence Writing

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Define a dependent clause.
A dependent clause is a group of words with a subject and a verb that cannot stand alone.
Name the two important parts of an independent clause.
subject and verb
What kind of sentence is this:

After the players practiced, they went out for pizza.
complex sentence
Name at least four sentence formulas for a simple sentence.
Define an independent clause.
A group of words that
1. makes a complete statement
2. has a subject and a verb
Define a simple sentence
A sentence that has one independent clause.
Define and list some coordinating conjunctions.
A coordinating conjunction is a word that is used with a comma to join two independent clauses.
Can a simple sentence have a compound verb and a compound subject?

The men and women took their places and waited for the signal to begin.
List the Helping Verbs
am are is
can could may might
do does did shall should
has have had was were
will would be been being
What else can you use besides coordinating conjunctions to join two independent clauses?
a semicolon

Susan loves to swim; Maggie likes to ski.
Define a complex sentence.
A complex sentence has one independent clause and one or more dependent clause.
Define 'verb"
A verb is a word that shows
the action or
state of being
of the subject of the sentence
What kind of sentence is this:
When you are ready, I will call the store, and we can talk to Tim.
compound-complex sentence
What are the Steps for Sentence Writing?
1. Pick a Formula
2. Explore words to fit
3. Note the words
4. Search and Check
Define a subordinating conjunction.
Subordinating conjunctions are words that show the relationship of the dependent clause to the independent clause.
How many independent clauses are in a simple sentence?
What are the Steps in Search and Check?
*look for the action or state of being words to find the verb(s).
*Ask the "Who or What Question" to find the subject(s).
Check: Capital letter/End punctuation/Makes sense
List some subordinating conjunctions.
after, although, as if,
as long as, as soon as, because, before, even if, in order that, just as, like, once, provided, rather than, since, so that , than, though, unless, until, when whenever, while
Define "subject".
The subject is the
place nouns
quality or idea
When do you use a comma in a complex sentence?
When the dependent clause comes first:
Until the storm is over, we will not know about the damage.
Define a compound sentence.
A compound sentence has 2 or more independent clauses.
They finished class, and they went to lunch.

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