Glossary of Presumptive Bacterial IDs

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Highly mucoid, acid on Lemb/MAC

Spot indle neg
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Highly mucoid, acid on Lemb/MAC
Spot indole pos
Klebsiella oxytoca
Green sheen on LEMB
Oxidase neg
Spot indole pos
Metallic sheen on BA
Blue-green on LEMB
Grape odor
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Small, translucent, gray, shiny, beta-hemolytic.
Catalase neg; PYR pos; GPC
Strep group A
Small, translucent, gray, shiny, gamma-hemolytic.
Catalase neg; PYR pos; GPC
What are the criteria for doing a presumptive ID?
-Pure culture
-Highly experienced tech
What causes methicillin resistance?
the Mec A gene
What does the Mec A gene encode?
Altered binding proteins
What is the best method for Methicillin resistance testing?
Oxacillin disc, 6 ug, 35'C for 48 hrs, 2% NaCl in Mueller Hinton Agar.
What is better at curing methicillin resistant organisms?
Combination of Vancomycin + Rifampin
Whats problem re: Strep pneumo antibiotic susceptibility?
Penicillin susceptibility
What is the choice method for detecting Strep pneumo penicillin resistance?
-1 ug Oxacillin disc
-Mueller Hinton + 5% Blood agar
-Increased CO2
What are the ref ranges for Strep pneumo oxacillin -resist testing?
If 20 mm or greater, SUSCEPTBLE.

If less than 20, RESISTANT.

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