Glossary of Prepostions- Expressions 5

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en cambio
on the other hand
en forma de
in the shape of
en medio de
in the middle of
en vísperas de
on the eve of
por encima de
over the head of, against the will of
por lo mismo que
for the same reason that, just like
por parte de
on the part of
por útima vez
for the last time
de paso
passing through
cada vez que
every time
de vez en cuando
from time to time, now & again
al contrario de
contrary to
conforme a
according to
contrario de
contrary to
correspondiente a
corresponding to
debido a
owing to, due to
gracias a
thanks to
según yo, tu, etc
according to
en tren
by train
una vez, dos veces
once, twice, etc

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