Glossary of Planning A Healthy Diet

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Fat Types 3
9 kcals/g
30% of Total Calories

Saturated- Animal Fats

Trans fatty acids- hydrogenated fats (act similar to saturated)

- Poly (omega3-fish and omega6-oils
- Monounsaturated (olive, canola, nuts)
How many grams of fat allowed on an 1800 calorie diet?
Goal- 30% cals from fat

1800 x 0.3 = 540kcals from fat
540/9kcal/g = 60g of fat
How many grams of protein allowed on an 1800 calorie diet?
Goal- 15% cals from protein

1800 x 0.15 = 270kcals for Protein
270/4kcal/g = 68 grams of protein

for 85kg person = 68g
Carbohydrates 2
4 kcal/g

4 kcal/g
15% of Total Calories
Six diet planning principles
Adequency- Enough Nutrition
Balance- A balance all the nutrients
Kcalorie Control
Nutrition density (empty calorie foods)
Variety- Keeping the patient happy.
USDA Dietary Guidlines 3
Adequate nutrition
Weight Management
Physical Activity
Food Labels
Ingredient List
Serving Sizes
Nutritional facts "Daily Values"
Prevention of Chronic disease Focus 5
Cardiovascular disease
Hypertension- MAJOR
Obesity (CHD,HTN,DM)
All Conditions are Multifactorial
Lifestyles factors
- Smoking
- Diet
- Exercise
- Stress
Unknown Causes
AICF Guidelines
Diet rich in Plant foods
Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables
Stay physically active
Maintian Healthy Weight
Drink in Moderation
Prepare food safely
CVD Risk Reduction
Choose Whole Grain
Fruits and Vegetables
Lean Meats
Less Salt
Less Sugary Beverages
Saturated Fat <7% of energy
Transfat <1% of Energy
Cholesterol <300mg per day
Macronutrient Ranges
Fat- 20-35% total

CHO- 45-65% total

Protein- 10-25%
Physical Activity
30 Minutes of Moderate-intensity physical activity to reduce the risk of chronic disease

60 Minutes of moderate-vigorous anctivity to prevent gradual weight gain

60-90 Minutes to sustain healthy body weight

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