Glossary of Physics of Anesthesia - exponential func., diffusion, osmolarity

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rate of change determined by quantity
exponential process
examples of exponential processes
thermal dilution CO measure
replacement of N2 in lungs w/ O2
anesthetic removal from body
3 compartment distribution of a drug is reflected in a washout curve with...
3 exponential processes, each reflected as a tangent off of the decay curve
steep early portion of decay curve
rapid elimination phase
shallow tail of decay curve is a function of...
metabolic processes
cool liquid holds (more/less) gas
more...because doesn't have energy to escape surface
volume of gas dissolved in 1 volume of liquid at 1 atmosphere
Bunsen solubility coefficient
Ostwald and Bunsen solubility coefficients and partition coefficient all depend on...
volume of gas dissolved in 1 volume of liquid
Ostwald solubility coefficient
Ostwald solubility coefficient differs from Bunsen how?
independent of pressure
N2O soluble in 1 L blood @37C
0.47 L N2O
ratio of amt of substance in two phases of equal volume
partition coefficient
ED50 (effective dose in 50%) of anesthetic
MAC (minimum alveolar conc.)
potency of anesthetics is proportional to...
solubility in oil
at the end of one time constant, what percentage remains? two time constants? three?
37%, 13.5%, 5%
fraction alveolar concentration/
fraction inspired concentration
one Avogadro's number of particles of solute that cannot diffuse through a semipermeable membrane
one osmole
the pressure which will prevent osmosis of a solvent into a solution
osmotic pressure
1 GMW or 1GAW dissolved in 22.4L of water (0 degrees C) has osmotic pressure =
1 atm
1 GMW of a gas expands at STP to what volume?
22.4 L
37C 1mOsm/L has osmotic pressure
19.3 mmHg
blood:gas partition coefficient 37C

blood:gas partition coefficient 37C

blood:gas partition coefficient 37C

blood:gas partition coefficient 37C

blood:gas partition coefficient 37C

nitrous oxide
blood:gas partition coefficient 37C

blood:gas partition coefficient 37C


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