Glossary of Physics 112 Chapter 2 terms

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Fundamental quantity
a base unit that can not be simplified any further, but can be used to generate other quantities.
is the concept of a measurable spatial between two points.
SI units
specific measurable definition which can be duplicated anywhere in the world assigned to each of seven fundamental quantities.
USCS units
United States Customary system- are non-metric units of measurement that are still used in the United States.
Conversion factor
ratios used to express a quantity in alternative units
a measure of the surface of a geometric figure.
Cross Section
the intersection of a 3-dimensional body with a plane.
a measure of how much space, an object displaces. It’s also used to define the amount of space a non dimensional object fills up.
A quantity of matter. It is the reluctance an object has to a change of direction.
A measurement of the property of one mass attracting to another.

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