Glossary of Pharmacy Technician: Module III Quiz Questions.

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What is the indicated use of an analeptic? Privide example
Stimulates CNS. Ex. Coffee
What is the indicated use for and anti-tussive?
Suppress cough
What is hyperkinesis?
Hyperactivity. (ADD)
What are two indicated uses for amphetamine?
Obesiety, hyperkinesis, narcolepsy
What is an anorexant?
Elevates mood to increase appetite.
What is the Legend Phrase?
"Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing without a prescription."
What is a sedative?
Depress CNS, causes relaxation.
What drug classes are used to treat anxiety?
Antiolytic, tranqulizer
What is the primary function of OSHA?
(Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
Regulate work safety
What is the primary function of JACHO?
Accredation of Hospital, set standard of hospital operation (police for hospital.)
What is the Durham-Humphery Amendment?
(1951) Distinction between OTC and legend drugs. Needs legend phrase: "Caution: Federal Law prohibits dispensing w/o prescription."
Whhat is the Kehauver-Harris Amendment?
Require drug manufacture to file (INDA) w/FDA before clinical trials on humans.
What is the purpose of the CSA?
Also called the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act.
It controls drug abuse by the DEA. Classified drugs to Schedule.
Which act requires that all product have a NDC number?
Drug Listing Act. 1972.
What is the Orphan Act. 1983.
Tax break incentive for manuractures to make Orphan drugs.
What is the responsibility of the FDA?
Oversee safety and effectiveness of drugs by manufatcures to file for applications for approval before entering market.
What is the responsiblity of the DEA?
Enforces laws regarding substance abuse (inspects/regulates) Provides DEA # for prescriber.
What is Medwatch form used for?
Medical reporting program 2 report problems with product.
What is the form DEA 222 used for?
Ordering control II substance from distributer.
What is Pharmacy?
A place where drugs are dispenced for public.
What is a tort?
Wrong done to another
What is controlled substance?
Substance with potential addictive dependency. Both physical and psychological.
What information will a NDC code identify.
NDC: permanent product code-10 characters that identify manufacture, drug formulation, size and type of packaging.
What is GMP?
Good Manucacturing Practice: Regulation that set minimum standards for manufacturing of drugs.
What is meant by the term lableling
What is misbranded product?
False misleading info about product.
What is an adultered product?
Not pure.
What information can be found in a package insert?
Indication and use
Clinical pharmacology
Drug abuse/Dependence
Adverse reactions
How supplied
What is a legend drug?
Drug that needs prescription
What does the legend (phrase) state?
"Caution: Federal prohibits the dispensing without a prescription."
What is an example of Schedule I drug?
Marjiana, Heroin, LSD, PCP
What is an example of Schedule II drug?
What is an example of Schedule III drug?
What is OBRA 1990?
Person's right to continue his/her health insurance even changing employers. Also involves pharmacist to utilize the DUR and consult patients.
What is the Durham-Humphrey Amendment?
Made distinction between OTC and Legend drugs. Need Legend phrase: "Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription."
What is the purpose of a National Drug Code?
Helps FDA maintain a data base of ddrugs by use. manufacture, and active ingredients, newly marketed or discontinued and remarketed drugs.
What is the promary concern for OSHA?
Workplace safety.
What does the Federal Trade Commmission have regulation over?
Authority over business practive. (How business should work.)
What is the CSA?
Controlled Substance ACT. (1970). Enforce laws regarding narcotics with DEA. Also set schedule of control substance.
What is the primary concern of the DEA?
Control use of abusive substance, issue control number to prescriber, enforce laws reg. control substance.
Define: Slander.
Speak falsely of another.
Define: Battery.
Bodily harm to another.
Define: Libel.
Write falsely of another.
Define: Assault.
Threat to physically harm them.
What is malpractice.
Form of neglect. LOOOOOOOOK
What is a pharmacy technician?
A paraprofessional who aids pharmacist to compound and dispense drugs.
What are the 3 personal characteristics of a pharmacy technician?
Accountablility, Assertiveness, Communication
List 3 duties performed in a retail pharmacy.
Dispensing drugs.
Prepare labels
List 3 duties performed in a hospital setting.
Prepare cassettes
Prepare I.V.
Restock shelf
Deliver cassettes/I.V.
Where did the word pharmacy originate from?
List 3 responsibilities of a pharmacist.
Counsel patient
Take verbal prescription
What is pharmaceutics?
Science of preparing and dispensing drugs.
What is posology?
Study of amount of drugs to produce effect.
What is pharmacokinetics?
ADME (Absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs. (How drugs work in body.)
What is pharmacotherapeutics?
Study of drugs used in treatment of diseases.
Which setting employs the hightst number of Pharmacy Technicians?
Retail setting (70%)
What is an example of long term care facility?
Convelecent home
What is a formulary?
A listing of drugs preapproved by comittee of healther professional. Used in hospital setting.
What does CphT stand for?
Certified Pharmacy Technician.
What is the responsibility of FDA?
Oversee safety and effectiveness of drugs manufactured. Companies need to file applications for approval before entering market.
What is the reponsiblity of the DEA?
Federal agency (Department of Justice) enforces Laws regarding substance abuse. (insepetcs/regulates)Provides DEA# for prescribers.
What is the responsibility of OSHA?
Regulate work safety.
What is the responsibility of FTC?
Authority over business practice. (How business should work)
What is the responsibility of JCAHO?
Accredation of hospital set standard for hospital operation.
What is the Pure Food and Drug Act?
Prohibited sale of misbranded and adultered drug and food.
What is Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act?
(FDCA) Stop sale of Inaccurately labeled drug.
Create the FDA
Need to file NDA to FDA
What is Kefauver-Harris Amendment?
Ensured safety and effectiveness of drugs introduced to market. Law required INDA to be filed before test on human. (Then submit NDA)
What is Controlled Substance Act?
Enforce laws regarding narcotics (legal/illegal) with DEA that was formed at the time. Also schedule of drugs was formed.
What is the Poison Prevention Act?
By Consumer Prevention Safety Commision. Requires OTC and legend drugs to be packed in child resistant container.
What is the Drug Listing Act?
Gave FDA authority to make a list of currently marketed drugs. Formed NDC# (Product code.) -FDA asks not demand...
What is the Orphan Drug Act?
Tax break incentive on orphan drugs. Also license given to market it.
What is OBRA 90?
Person's right to continue health care insurance even after changing employee. Also emphasized in the use of DUR and patient consulting by pharmacist.
What are the three things that PHarmacist can provide counseling about?
Review drug therapy
Drug drug interaction
Clinical abuse/misuse.
What form is used to order C-II drugs?
DEA form 222
What is pharmacon? Where did the word derive from?
Pharmacy (Greek)
What is pharmacology?
Study of drugs.
What is the pharmacy?
Place meds are dispensed for patients.
What is a long term care?
Inpatient stay of more than 30 days.
Define what a formulary is.
A formulary is a list of approved drugs by the Commitee of Health. It is list of drugs used in the hospital.
What is phrmacognosy?
Knowledge of the medicinal functions of natural products of animal, plant,or mineral origin.
What is the purpose of clinical pharmacy?
Provide information about medications and monitor drug therapy to ensure optimal patient outcomes.
What is the primary role of the State of Pharmacy?
Set standard and regulate licensing.
What is the FDA?
Regulate manufacture safety or drug found. (Safety and effectiveness)
What is the function of the DEA?
Regulate control substance.
Who is OSHA?
Regulates work place safety.
Who is the FTC?
Regulate business practice. (How business should be run)
Who is NABP?
Representative from state (2) come together to discuss how they can improve pharmacy (also practice)
Who is JACAHO?
Accredation of hospital and set standard to operate hospital.
The Food Drug and Cosmetic Act caused the creation of what agency?
The Kefaver-Harris Amendment required that all new drugs be proved_____ before being marketed.
Safe and effective.
The National Drug Code (NDC) indicates....
The drug, packaging, and manufacture of a drug.
The OBRA 90 legislation requires the pharmacist to:
Offer patients counseling regarding medications.
What agency is responsible for approving medications?
The Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act took away the FDA's authority to regulate...
Herbal, vitamin. and nutritional products.
Who only has the authority to remove a medical license or registration?
State Board of Pharmacy.
Why is patient counseling important?
-Assess therapeutic regime,
-Patient compliance (better understanding of treatment.
-Better understanding of patient
List two barriors for patients/customers regarding counseling?
What piece of legislation enforces DUR's and paient counseling?
OBRA 1990
What are the three questions a pharmacist might ask during a counseling session?
How the therapy feels (ad/side)
Any allergy
Ask understanding of med/tx.
How many times can a Schedule II drug can be refilled?
New prescription every time
How many times can a Schedule III drug be refilled.
5 times or within 6 months from original order.
How are Schedule I drug classified?
No medicinal use. High potencial of abuse. Severe physical and psychological dependency.
What is adultered?
What is misbranded?
Misleading claim on product.
What is anticonvulsant used for?
Stops convulsion. Epilepsy.
What is labeling?
Information provided by manufacture and pharmacist regarding the drgg.
What is a drug?
A substance or chemical that induces physical change to body.
What is a Certified Pharmacy Technician?
A pharmacy technician that is nationally certified.
What are the two duties required for a pharmacy technician in a retail pharmacy?
Aid pharmacist, dispense drugs, aid with phone calls, restock, labeling etc.
What is required of a Pharmacist in the prescription dispensing process?
Look over tech's work, counsel patients.
What does the word pharmacon mean?
"Drug" in Greek
What is the difference between long term health care and home health care?
Long term care: inpatient stay of >30 days
Home health care: treatment of care at your own home (pharmacy service).
What organizations helped to found the PTCB?
When was the PTCB established?
What is required for recertification of the PTCB exam?
20 hours (CEU)
Fee: $35 online
$50 mail
What is idiosyncrasy?
Unexpected symptoms/result of drug. Peculiar. (ex.Viagra)
What is contraindication?
Sign that someone should stop drug/tx because it might be harmful.
What organization is responsible for naming new drugs?
What is an example of a side effect?
What is an example of a adverse side effect?
What is a example of a C-I drug?
LSD, PCP, Marjana.
No medicinal use.
High potential for abuse
Severe physical/Psych dep.
What is a example of C-II drug?
Demeral, Cocain.
Accepted medicinal ues.
High potential for abuse.
Severe physical/psych dep.
What is a example of C-III drug?
Vicodin, Tylenol/Coedine.
Accepted medicinal use.
Less potenial for abuse than C-I or II.
Moderate phych/physical dep.
What is a example of C IV drug?
Valium, Xantax.
Accepted medicinal use.
Less potential for abuse than C-III. Limited phys/psych abuse.
What is an example of a C-5 drug?
Lomotil, Robutussin A-C syrup. Less potential abuse than C-IV. Limited physi/psych dependency.
What is punitive damages?
Settlement awarded to plaintiff for damages from defendant for serious wrong.
What risk management?
Technique to determine, minimize, prevent accidental loss. (Safety measure.)-reduce error.
What is community pharmacy?
Retail pharmacy. (Chain pharmacy)
What is home heath care pharmacy?
In-home service for medication
What is civil law?
Law concerning citizen and wrong done to another.
What is contributory negligence?
More than one person involved (team)
What is comparative negligence?
Patient contributes to his/her injury.
What is ethics?
Study of right and wrong.
What organization administers the Pharmacy Technician National Exam?
PTCB (1995)
What act helped to create FDA?
FDCA (Food Drug and Cosmetic Act) 1938.
What is the purpose of New Drug Application?
The application filed to the FDA awaits for approval for effectiveness and safety for the product(Final). It is a outline of trials, test and manufacturing process.
What is a DUR?
Drug Use Review. Used to review drug therapy before med filled/(refilled)
What is a DAW clause?
Dispense as Written.
What is the principle Code of Ethics?
??? Standard of Care.
What are the three components of a written prescription?
pt. Name
Dr. Signature date of issue, route, quantity
What is the difference between a side effect and adverse effect?
Side effect: undesirable but not harmful
adverse effect: undesireable but harmful
What is a dose?
Specific amt. of med to adm.
What is a therapeutic effect?
Intended effect of a drug
What is a MOA?
Mechanism of Action.
What is a prescription?
A written ordre of drugs by prescriber.

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