Glossary of Organic Chemistry Make-up

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Tautomeric form(s) (enol forms) has(have): A:Cyclohexane B:ethanol C:Methonal D:All of these E:None of these
E: None of these, because keto-enol tautomerism is the equilibrium reaction between an enol and it's carbonyl partner
The major product (P) of the HCL addition to but-1-en is: A. 1-chlorobutane B.2-chlorobutane
C:1,2-dichlorobutane D.1,1-dichlorobutan E.2-chlorobutene
B. 2-chlorobutane
The reaction of P (question 3) with sodium metoxide leads to the formation of: A.Ester B.Ether C.Sodium salt of chloroalcohol D.Carboxylic Acid E.none of these
B.Ether, because when you form the reaction, the only place O fits is between two carbon groups.
For the reaction X+Y->CH3-O-CO-CH2-COOH+H2O, X and Y are: A.Methanal and acetic acid B.Methanol and propanedioic acid (malonic) C.Ethanol and propanoic acid D.Methanoic acid and acetone E.Methanoic acid and acetone
B.Methanol and propanedioic acid (malonic)
For the reaction X+Y->CH3-CO-NH2+HCL, X an Y are: A.acetic acid and NH3 B.acetic acid and water C.Chloroacetic acid and NH3 D.Acetyl Chloride and NH3 E.Acetyl Chloride and methylamine
D.acetyl chloride and NH3
A hemiketal could be formed in the reaction of: A.glyceraldehyde with ethanol B.1,3-dihydroxypropanone with methanol C.Acetic acid with ethanol D.Ethanal with propanal E.All of these
B.1,3-dihydroxypropanone with methanol
which of the following formulas could represent a monocyclic (one ring) alkane? A.C6H6 B.C2H4 C.C5H8 D.C3H6 e. none of these
At the presence of light a hydrocarbon X reacts with chlorine to give its chloroderivative and HCL.It could be: A.Ethene B.Ethane C.Ethyne D.Benzene E.None of these
The symbol CH3-Ch2` represents: A.Carbocation B. Carboanion C. Free Radical D. Ethane
C. Free Radical
Which of the following compounds could exist as a pair of geometric isomers: A.But-1-en B. Benzene C. But-2-en D.1,3 butadiene E.Cyclopentene
Which of the following compunds could only form one pair of enatiomers: A.2-methylpropane B.2-methylbutane C.2-bromobutane
D.alanyltyrosine E.methane
Alcohol X was oxidized (by dehydronation)to benzaldehyde (C7H6O) X was: A.Phenol B.Benzene C.Phenylmethanol D.Phenylethanol E.Benzoic acid
Which of the folloing compounds is the strongest base? A.NH3 B.Diethylamine C.aminobenzene D.Ethanol E.CH3CO-NH2(acetamide)
Find a false sentence: A.the carboncation is formed when benzene is nitrated B.the carbocation is formed in the addition reaction of HCL to ethene C. The carboanion is formed in the aldol condensation D.the free radical is formed in the reaction of chlor
D. The free radical is formed in the reaction of chloromethane with NaOH
Butane exists as

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