Glossary of OT Psych

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A disoriented reaction with restlessness and confusion, along with often times fear and hallucinations is known as...
Excessive attention and alertness that guards against potential danger is known as...
The meaningless imitation of another person's movement is called what?
What is catatonia characterized by?
immobility or rigidity
Excessive motor and cognitive activity that is nonproductive and in response to inner tension is known as...
Psychomotor agitation
What is Akathisia?
a state of resltessness, with a need for movement; usually is a side effect of medication
The irregulariety or failure of muscle coordination upon movement is known as?
Speech that is delayed in getting to the point and is irrelevant is knonw as...
The quick changing of focus to a loosely associated topic is known as...
False beliefs about external reality are known as...
________ aphasia (Broca's) is a disturbance in which the person knows what he wants to say but cannot say it.
_____ aphasia (Wernicke's) is an organic loss of the ability to comprehend what has been said.
The inability to name objects is known as _______ aphasia
If a person has expressive, receptive, and nominal aphasia he is said to have _____ aphasia.
False sensory perceptions that are not in response to external stimuli are known as...
Misperceptions or misinterpretations of real sensory events are knonw as...
The inability to understand and interpret the significance of sensory input is known as...
The inability to identify objects via touch is known as...
The inability to perform rapidly alternating movements is called..
A person is having difficulty remembering events that occured in the distant past. She is having difficulty with what type of memory?
Remote memory
The inability to recall past experiences or personal identity is known as...
Axis I of the DSM IV identifies what?
Clinical disorders and other conditions that involve clinical conditions
Personality disorder and MR would be found under which Axis in the DSM IV?
Axis II
General medical conditions would be listed under which Axis of the DSM IV?
Axis III
What what type of conditions are listed under Axis IV of the DSM IV?
Psychosocial and environmental problems
Axis V of the DSM IV contains what?
The Global Assessment of Functioning Scale (GAF)

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