Glossary of OLPH Science Gr 7 3.2

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Cell Wall
only in plant cells; made of cellulose stiff material. Allows for entrance into the cell/exit out of the cell. Gives protection and support to plant cells.
Cell Membrane
Found in all cells. Gives it shape, allows for entrance and exit in the cell. Also protects from invaders. Regulates the movement of materials into and out of the cell.
Jelly-like substance in a cell, allows for movement within the cell.
Control center of the cell, regulates cell activities.
Nuclear Membrane
Similiar to cell membrane gives shape to nucleus allows for entrance/esit into the Nucleus.
Inside the nucleus responsible for reproduction of a cell.
Small Nucleus inside the nucleus, not sure what it does but evidence suggest it is responsible for ribosomes production.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Responsible for transporting "stuff" within the cell, almost like tubes, tunnels.
Produce proteins, small grainlike in shape.
Produces Energy for the cell.
Storage areas in plants primarily WATER STORAGE.
only animal cell part, responsible for recycle waste/broken parts - contains digestive enzymes.
Formed only in plants, takes Sun's energy and converts it to sugar. "Energy"
SUM total of chemical activities in a cell (organism)(activities) respiration, digestion, excretion, ingestion, life span (grow), reproduction.
Process where energy sources are broken down to release energy, (usually oxygen).
A plant cell has a CELL WALL and CHLOROPLASTS.
AN ANIMAL CELL does NOT have a cell wall or chloroplasts.

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