Glossary of Nursing Management

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What is management
manipulation of people, environment, money, time

forecasting ,planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, controling

creating an internal environment in an enterprise in which individuals work together as a group
Scientific management
Bureaucratic functions
Management functions
activities of management
Participative management
Hawthorne affect
Theroy x/y
emlployee participation
What is the management process?
Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Controlling
determining philospophy, goals, objectives, policies, procedures and rules, carrying out long/short range projections, fiscal course of action, managing planned change
establishing the structure to carry out plans, determining the most appropriate type of patient care delivery, grouping activities to meet unit goals. Other functions involve working within the structure of the organization, and understanding and using power and authority appropriately.
recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and orienting staff. Scheduling, staff development, employee socialization, and team building are also often included as staffing functions.
human resource management responsibilities, such as motivating, managing conflict, delegating, communicating, and facilitating collaboration.
performance appraisals, fiscal accountability, quality control, legal and ethical control, and professional and collegial control.
You solve the problem yourself
You solve the problem after getting necessary information from subordinates but
subordinates may be unaware of problem.
You openly share the problem with subordinates and get feedback, but make the
decision yourself.
Problem is shared with subordinates as a group. They give feedback but you make
the final decision.
Problem is shared with subordinates as a group and the group makes the decision.
Managerial Characeristics
•Have an assigned position within the formal organization.
•Have a legitimate source of power due to the delegated authority that accompanies their
•Are expected to carry out specific functions, duties, and responsibilities.
•Emphasize control, decision making, decision analysis, and results.
•Manipulate people, the environment, money, time, and other resources to achieve organizational goals.
•Have a greater formal responsibility and accountability for rationality
and control than leaders.
•Direct willing and unwilling subordinates.
Leadership Characteristics
•Often do not have delegated authority, but obtain their power through other means.
•Have a wider variety of roles than managers.
•Are frequently not part of the formal organization.
•Focus on group process, information gathering, feedback, and empowering others.
•Emphasize interpersonal relationships
•Have goals that may or may not reflect those of the organization
Major differrence between Mangers and Leaders
Whereas management emphasizes control—control of hours, costs, salaries, overtime, use of sick leave, inventory, and supplies—
Leadership increases productivity by maximizing workforce effectiveness

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