Glossary of Nursing IV Test I

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Femal Reproductive Cycle
Two Cycles:


Ovarian Cycle
Three phases:

Follicular Cycle
FSH (Follicle Stimulating leads to maturing of several follicles
Ovulatory Phase
LH(Lutenizing Hormone)Secretion rises follicle ruptures, releases ovum which is captured by fimbriae of fallopian tube, transport of ovum by muscular contractions (cannot move on its own)
Luteal Phase
Collaspsed follicle become Corpus Luteum (yellow body); secretes estrogen and progesterone to prepare endometrium until placenta tales over (6-8 wks)
*No fertiliztion corpus lutei, regresses
Endometrial cycle
Proliferative phase:

Endometrium- under influence
Proliferative phase
Endometrium- under influence of estrogen from maturing ovarian follicles
Secretory Phase
endometrium secretes glycogen, protei, lipids, and minerals to nourish the ovum
Menstrual phase
No fertilization, corpus luteum regtesses, estrogen and progestrone fall, endometrium ishcemic and necrotic, dies, necrotic areas seperate leading to menstrual flow

Sperm (24-72hrs)
Ovum (24hrs)

Transportaion: seminal fluid coagulates upon entry, sperm transported by uteine contraction and tail
Ampulla: outer 1/3 of tubes Zona reaction: membranes of ovum harden
cell membranes of sperm and ovum fuses, breakdown
Zygote by 4th day
Cell Multiplication
Clevage: increases number of cells,not size
Morula: solid ball 12-16 cells
Blastocyst: sac of cell inner nass (becomes aminon and fetus) outer mass (chorion and placenta)
Blastocyst drifts for 2-4 days before beginning implantation
*Endometrium in secretory phase

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