Glossary of Nursing Concepts One

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Critical thinking to nursing is a_________ disciplined process of actively & skillfully __________, analyzing, ________________ and evaluating ____________.
Name the five actions that constitute critical thinking.
Nurses use __________ from other subjects and fields.
Nurses deal _________ with human responses
Nurses deal with _________ in stressful ____________.
Using creativity in problem solving nurses should be able to:
generate ideas rapidly
be flexible & natural
create original solutions
be independent
demonstrate individuality
The application of a set of questions to a particular situation or idea to determine essential inforation & ideas is called?
Critical Analysis
A technique one uses to look beneath the surface, recognize & examine assumptions, search for inconsistances is a form of what type of questioning?
Socratic questioning
True or False:
"What could you assume instead, why?" is a form of Socratic questioning. Why would this be or not be?
Generalizations that are formed from a set of facts or observations is a form of what?
Inductive reasoning
Reasoning that goes from general to specific is a form of what?
Deductive reasoning
Define the purpose of a nursing Assessment
To establish a database about the client's response to health concerns or illness and the ability to manage health care needs
Name the 7 steps in establishing a patient database
1. Obtain health history
2. do a physical assessment
3. review client records
4. consult support persons
5. organize data
6. validate data
7. update data as needed
8. Communicate / document data
What is the purpose of a nursing diagnosis?
To identify client strength and health problems that can be prevented or resolved by nursing interventions
Compare data against _______________.
Identify gaps & _______________________.
Determine patient's ________________, risks and problems.
The purpose of a nursing diagnosis is _______________________.
To set priorities and goals with the patient's collaboration.
A nursing diagnosis includes ______________________
Goals & desired outcomes
Why does the nurse group data?
To create a possible hypothesis in regard to a nursing diagnosis.
Write goals and desired _______________
____________ nursing strategies
Why would the nurse consult with other health professionals?
1) To establish the validity of collected data, or 2) Confere on information received from patient, or 3) pass on information to treating physicians, etc...
What is the difference between a "nursing" order and a "doctor's" order?
A nursing order addresses a patient's return to normalacy while a doctor's order addresses medical treatment.
The most important task that a nurse does when creating a nursing care plan is to _______________ to relevant health care providers
Document care & patient ______________ to care
When does a nurse reassess a patient?
After acting upon portion of a medical or nursing teatment.
Define "Standards of Care"
Authoritative statements that describe a common or acceptable level of care.
The nurse collects patient health data
The nurse analyzes the assessment data in determining the ______________
nursing diagnosis
The nurse develops a ________________ of ___________ that prescribes interventions to attain expected outcomes
plan of care or care plan
The nurse _________________________ the interventions identified in the plan of care.
The nurse ________________ the patients progress toward attainment of outcomes
The systematic collection, verification, organization, interpretation and documentation of data is called ___________________
Why does the nurse need to create a client database?
1) gather data about lifestyles and ADL's
2) creates a nurse-client relationship
The three types of assessment are:
1) Focused
2) Ongoing
3) Comprehensive
The five types of data include:
1) Primary
2) Secondary
3) Subjective
4) Objective,
5) Health History
True or false: Step one in creating a nursing care plan is to evaluate the patient
False. The first step in creating a nursing care plan is to assess the patient and begin the process of collecting data.
True or False: Data is analyzed and the Nursing diagnosis is identified.
True. The nurse collects the data, analyizes it, and creates a nursing diagnosis based upon the data collected.
True or False: A component of the nursing diagnosis includes a problem statement or diagnostic label.
True. The actual nursing diagnosis is the problem statement or diagnositc label, for example, "at risk for skin breakdown r/t immobility."
The three catagories of nursing diagnosis are:
1) Actual
2) Risk
3) Wellness
Name Maslowe's Hierachy of Needs
1) Physiologic
2) Safety & Security
3) Love & Belonging
4) Self Esteem
5) Self Actuation

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