Glossary of Nursing Concepts 1 health and wellness

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transfering or discharging of emotional reactions from one object to another
Attempt to manage anxiety by imitating the behavior of someone feared or respected
trying to justify a behavior by faulty logic
Resorting to the easire, more basic, and comfortable part of life
Problem focused coping
Trying to improve a situation by making changes
Long term coping
can be constructive and realistic or a bad habit
Sound lvls above ____decibles may cause hearing loss. _____Dec over long pd of time can cause deafness
1. 120
2. 85-95
Vesicular lung sounds
Bases of lungs, soft intensity, low pitched, (best heard at periph lungs)
Mod intensity, blowing sound, (best heard between scapulae, adn lateral sternum)
Bronchial (tubular)
High pitched loud harsh- Air moving through the trach
Each Kg of wt gained or lost is equiv to _____ of fluid gained or lost

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