Glossary of Nursing 114 Final

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Six Traits of Critical Thinkers
Interpretation, Analysis
Evaluation, Inference
Explanation, Self regulation
The 5 steps of the nursing process
Nursing Diagnosis
Purpose of a health history
To identify patterns of health & illness, risk factors for physical & behavioral health problems, deviations from normal & available resources for adaptation.
Parts of a health history
Biographical info, Reason for seeking care, client expectations, present illness, past health hist., family hist., environmental hist., psychosocial hist., spiritual health, review of systems.
Techniques of the physical exam
Inspection, Palpation, Percussion, Auscultation
Normal findings of nodes
Not palpable
Where are eccrine sweat glands found?
All over the body
Where are apocrine sweat glands located?
Axillae, nipples, areolae, anogetial area, eyelids, external ears.
What is ecchymosis?
Bruising, bleeding under the skin
What color skin is a sign of cyanosis?
Grayish blue from lack of oxygen.
Pinpoint hemorrhages on the skin.
What is seborrheic keratosis?
Raised spots on the face, neck and trunk of older adults.
What are normal findings of the thyroid?
Not palpable or tender.

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