Glossary of Neuro: aphasia

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aphasia usu d/t insults (tumor, stroke, abscess) to L or R hemisphere?
L (dominant) hemisphere
What aphasia is broken speech?
aka expressive aphasia (poor expression)
aka non-fluent aphasia
What aphasia is wordy speech?
aka receptive aphasia (poor comprehension)
aka fluent aphasia
T or F
Broca is d/o lang prod, intact comprehension
T or F
Wernicke's is d/o comprehension, intact (tho non-sensical) lang
where is Broca's located?
posterior inferior frontal gyrus
where is Wernicke's located?
L posterior superior temporal lobe (perisylvian)
Which aphasia cz frustration, which is unaware?
frustrated: broca's
unaware: wernicke's
which aphasia has impaired repetition?
which aphasia has no notable hemiparesis or dysarthria?
Broca's aphasia exhibits what neural deficits?
broca assoc w/ arm/face hemiparesis*, hemisensory loss, apraxia of oral musc (broca nr pre/post central gyrus)
broca assoc w/ stroke where?
middle cerebral artery (MCA)--L superior
wernicke's assoc w/ stroke where?
middle cerebral artery--inferior/posterior
which has better prognosis: broca or wernicke's
tx of broca
speech therapy
which aphasia known for neologisms* and paraphasic errors/word substitution?
tx of wernicke's
underlying etiology, institute speech therapy
T or F
insults to basal ganglia are assoc w/ move d/o, lang d/o but are not considered broca's

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