Glossary of NEUROANATOMY 2-Cerebral Topography

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The folding pattern itself has no cortical functional significance
fold of gray matter (2-4 mm) over a central core of white matter
refers to a groove between adjacent gyri
Majority gray matter is not on the surface T/F
Normally, _______ fills in between white matter making sulci very narrow
gray matter

e.g., Alzheimer's causes a reduction in gray matter which enlarges sulci
The lateral surface of the hemisphere is divided into lobes by 2 large sulci -
What are they?

(fissures) and 2 imaginary lines-
What are they
1)central sulcus (Rolandic fissure)
2)lateral sulcus (Sylvian fissure)

Imaginary lines:
1)parietooccipital sulcus
2)preoccipital notch
4 lobes visible on the lateral surface
12 names cover all gyri for the basic pattern on the lateral hemisphere
-What are they?
sup. frontal
mid. frontal
inf. frontal

sup. temporal
mid. temporal
inf. temporal


Two pairs of vertical parallel gyri and sulci are separated by _______
the central sulcus
"pre" central = anterior, frontal; "post" central = posterior, parietal
Both the pre- and post- central gyri "spill over" onto the medial surface and interconnect around the end of the _______
central sulcus

*Central sulcus is variable as to how far it extends down the medial side
paracentral lobule
The gyrus surrounding the end of the central sulcus
Brodmann area 4 - primary motor cortex
Most of the precentral gyrus including the medial surface
Brodmann areas 3,1, 2 - primary somatosensory cortex
postcentral gyrus, including the medial surface

-the surface (top) of the gyrus forming the banks on either side
Different regions are associated with different numbers of
body motor cells
Mapping of the motor cells on the precentral gyrus forms the
motor homunculus
motor homunculus
headless body standing on the cingulate gyrus and draped over the lateral surface, holding its head by the hair
sensory homunculus
on the postcentral gyrus is similar, but with a larger face area and the addition of the genitals on the medial surfface
The three frontal gyri are separated by
two sulci
Superior frontal gyrus is better seen in
superior view
Frontal Lobe contains -
See slide 17 --
-The supplementary motor and premotor areas (BA6)
-The frontal eye fields (8) plan eye movements
-Broca's area (BA 44, 45) is involved in speech
-The frontal pole is involved in higher functions (thinking, cognition, personality)
The three temporal gyri are separated by
two sulci:
superior temporal gyrus
middle temporal gyrus
inferior temporal gyrus
Weirneike's area is located where?
superior temporal gyrus
The sulci on either side of the superior temporal gyrus lead to two named gyri of the parietal lobe.
What are they?
supramarginal gyrus (from lateral sulcus)
angular gyrus (from superior temporal sulcus)
Lateral fissure leads to the ________ which surrounds its upper end
supramarginal gyrus
The superior temporal fissure leads to the ________ which surrounds its upper end
angular gyrus (BA 40)
The angular gyrus is just in front of
the imaginary line connecting the preoccipital notch with the superior end of the parietooccipital sulcus on the medial surface.

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