Glossary of Music History Cont

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Josquin des prez
1525-1594: wrote in the a capella style
Claudio Monteverdi
1567-1643 a bridge composer between renaissance and barque
1550-1618 "The New Music"
1653-1753- Concerto Grosso
1678-1741 The Red Priest, Four Seasons, Concertos, Opera, Instrumental Music
1681-1767-40 Operas, 3000 Cantatas, 600 Overtures
1683-1750 Treatise on Harmony, influenced by Lully
J.S. Bach
1685-1750 Greatest Composers, organist, born Eisenbach, Germany
1685-1759 Opera, Oratorios, Water Music, Messiah
Syllabic chant
A chant with one note per syllable
Neumatic chant
A chant with one neume per syllable
Melismatic Chant
A chant which numerous note occur for each syllable.
What is a hemiola?
When music is written in 3/4 but is notated to sound in 2/4
John Dowland
English Renaissance composers, depressed lute music.
Thomas Morley
1557-1602 pupil of byrd
Recommendations of Council of Trent
too much secular music in mass
polyphony obscures text
too many noisy instruments
singers attitudes (careless, poor diction)
Carlo Gesualdo
Madrigal wrtiers
Orlando Lassus
Madrigal writer, Chansons
French, Four voices, duple meter.
William Byrd
1543-1623 Invented Verse Anthem, religious text w/ organ accompianment Consort Songs.
Italian secular song, polyphonic with main melody in sop.
Verse Anthem
Solo verses alternating w/chorus
Full Anthem
Rameau's Treatise on Harmony
Bassp Comtinuo
1600-1800 used figured bass throughout composition, harpsichord, cello, bassoon.
First Opera
Daphne (1594-98) written by Jacopo Peri
Jean Baptiste Lully
1632-1687 Large Stage Works, influences Rameau.
Spoken dialogue over music in an opera setting
Heinrich Schutz
1585-1672 leading composer before Bach
Sonata da Camera
Chamber sonata
Sonata da chiesa
Church sonata
Leading German composer of the early and middle 18th century
Opera seria, opera buffa
Serious opera, comic opera
Henry Purcell
Dido and Aeneas
C.P.E. Bach
1753, true art of playing keyboard instruments.

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