Glossary of Music Appreciation 121

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Plain Chant
what we got when sacred text was turned into music, normally in latin, no specific time meter and cant put time into it
only one line of melody
multiple notes on one syllable
church modes
major and minor not used
give examples of monophonic music
gregorian and plain chant
Beethovens 5th symphony was the first to do what?
expand the orchestra with picolo, trombones, and contrabassoon
secular music
music for entertainment,used poetry and was made to be sung in different languages
south france
north france
(germany)they are secular musicians, usually singing about love
Guido D'Arrezo
1st music theorist, recognized the "Staff",
two or more melodic lines being sung at the same time
german hymns for congregational settings
Giovanni Pierlulgi Da Palestrina
wrote music to get people back to church, write music more accessible to the common people
secular music settings of poetic stanza that use text painting
Giovanni Gabrielli
instrumental musician in the 1555-1612

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