Glossary of Muscles of the body 2

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Origin: Anterior superior iliac spine.
Insertion: Medialtibia.
Action: Flexes hip and knee; rotates thigh laterally.
Origin: Pubis.
Insertion: Medialtibia.
Action: Adducts femur, flexes thigh.
Tibialis Anterior
Origin: Lateral condly and shaft tibia.
Insertion: Tarsal and Metatarsal.
Action: Dorsiflexes and inverts foot.
Gluteus Maximus
Origin: Pelvis (ilium sacrum, coxyx) and lumbodorsal fasia.
Insertion: Iliotibial tract femur.
Action: Extends and rotates femur latterly.
Gluteus Medius
Origin: Ilium (lateral surface)
Insertion: Greater trochanter femur.
Action: Aduccts amd medially rotates thigh.
Biceps Femoris
Origin: Long head; ischial tuberosity, shortened; linea aspera femur.
Insertion: Head fibula, lateral condylie tibia.
Action: Flexes knee; extends femur at hip.
Origin: Ischial tuberosity.
Insertion: Media tibia.
Action: Flexes knee.
Semimem Branosis
Origin: Ischial tuberosity.
Insertion: Medial Condyle tibia.
Action: Flexes knee.
Origin: Lateral and medial condyies femur.
Insertion: Achilles tendon to Calcaneous.
Action: Planter flexes, inverts foot, flexes knee.
Origin: Head fibula and medial tibia.
Insertion: Achilles tendon to calcaneous.
Action: Planter flexes, inverts foot.

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