Glossary of Muscles of Facial Expression 2

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frontal belly origin
epicranial aponeurosis
frontal belly insertion
skin superior to supraortibal margin
frontal belly action
draws scap anteriorly, raises eyebrows, wrinkles skin of forehead horizontally
occipital belly origin
occipital bone and mastoid process of the temporal bone
occipital belly insertion
epicranial aponeurosis
occipital belly action
draws scalp posteriorly
zygomaticus major origin
zygomatic bone
zygomaticus major insertion
skin at angle of mouth and orbicularis oris
zygomaticus major action
draws angle of mouth superiorly and laterally, as in smiling or laughing
zygomaticus minor origin
zygomatic bone
zygomaticus minor insertion
upper lip
zygomaticus minor action
raises upper lip, exposing maxillary teeth
levator palpebrae superioris origin
roof of orbit (lesser wing of sphenoid bone)
levator palpebrae superioris insertion
skin or upper eyelid
levator palpebrae superioris action
elevates upper eyelid (opens eye)

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